Safety Measures Taken to Ensure a Safe and Secure Environment in Contra Costa County

Firefighters and law enforcement officials across Contra Costa County are warning residents about the use of fireworks. All types of fireworks, regardless of label, are illegal in the county. There are no Safe & Sane fireworks. The county is home to more than 4,400 food retail outlets, which are regularly inspected by Environmental Health to ensure they are hygienic and handle food safely.

Landlords in the county can use a general guide for reference. After a shooting at the Beyond Wonderland festival in Washington, supporters of the popular electronic music festival promoter have expressed safety concerns. However, one in five Californians, including many in Contra Costa County, do not have access to reliable and affordable broadband services, devices or the skills to use them. Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) is offering free adoptions during the month of June to free up space in kennels.

The Contra Costa County Department of Employment (EHSD) Emergency Service is collaborating with the San Francisco Chronicle's Season of Sharing (SOS) program to provide emergency help to eligible families and individuals in adverse situations. The Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District is funding the Walnut Creek Basin Council for the development of the Walnut Creek watershed restoration plan. Contra Costa County Public Works is installing a new playground structure at Discovery Bay's Regatta Park and providing resources to help the LGBTQIA+ community with peer support, mentoring, and social activities. To celebrate Child Support Awareness Month in August, the Contra Costa County Department of Child Support Services will hold its seventh annual delivery of backpacks and school supplies.

The Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board has resources available for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as vocational training, unemployment information, and free Rapid Re-employment services. Contra Costa residents can get free COVID testing kits at home through Contra Costa Health (CCH), a new mail-order program. Contra Costa County Public Works will begin construction of a project to replace the Marsh Creek Road bridges. The Employment Department (EHSD) is experiencing some delays in paying daycare providers and vendors.

People experiencing behavioral health crises and those who try to help them will soon have greater access to appropriate and timely care thanks to a new program currently being launched in Contra Costa County. Contra Costa County uses a color-coded sign system to publicly report the results of inspections and food safety practices at fixed retail food outlets. To ensure safety for all residents, Contra Costa County has taken several measures such as banning all types of fireworks, conducting regular inspections on food retail outlets, providing resources for people affected by COVID-19 pandemic, offering free adoptions from animal shelters, providing emergency help to eligible families and individuals in adverse situations, installing playground structures at parks, delivering backpacks and school supplies for Child Support Awareness Month, providing resources for LGBTQIA+ community with peer support, mentoring and social activities, launching a new program for people experiencing behavioral health crises and their helpers, and providing free COVID testing kits at home through mail-order program. These measures taken by Contra Costa County are essential for creating a safe and secure environment for all its residents.

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