Celebrate the Best of Contra Costa County at the Annual Fair

The 23rd District Agricultural Association is proud to present the Contra Costa County Fair, a four-day event that celebrates all the best of the county while preserving its agricultural heritage. This year marks the fifth edition of this increasingly popular event, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. From May 18th to 21st, Thursday through Sunday, county staff have been hard at work to make sure that this year's fair will provide a wide variety of in-person government services, live music, carnival rides, food vendors, and more. Plus, admission is free!The fairgrounds will be open from 12pm to 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and from 12pm to 11pm on Saturday.

County departments such as the Clerk-Recorder of Elections, the Department of Employment and Human Services, the County Library and County Public Works, along with the City of Concord, are collaborating to offer a fun and festive event that will give Contra Costa County residents a chance to get to know their local government better. So come out and join your neighbors in celebrating the best of Contra Costa County.

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