Contra Costa County Film Festivals: An Expert's Perspective

Efi Lubliner is an authority in the realm of film festivals, particularly the Contra Costa International Jewish Film Festival. He is passionate about staying ahead of the game and making sure that the festival is one step ahead of other film festivals and Netflix. This festival is a joint venture between the Greater East Bay Jewish Community Federation and the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center. When asked to name his “must-see” movie, Lubliner chose “Before the Fall”, an exciting film set in Nazi Germany.

To better serve the Jewish community in Contra Costa County, festival organizers have extended this year to three venues: the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center in Walnut Creek, the Brenden Theatres in Concord, and for the first time, the Vine Cinema in Livermore. The success of the festival is evident from its numerous sponsors, including Peet's Coffee, Diablo magazine, the Consulate General of Israel, and Auntie Annie's Hand Rolled Soft Pretzels. According to Lubliner, the film festival has become an integral part of the cultural calendar for residents of Contra Costa County. He even plans his holidays around it so he can watch movies and have dinner with his family in the area.

To learn more about this collection of films, visit their website.

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