Experience the Best Festivals in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County is a great place to experience some of the best festivals in the Bay Area. From craft beer to live music, there's something for everyone to enjoy. The Bay Area SpringFest is a perfect way to start the season with plants, art, crafts, music, and food in downtown Concord. Lamorinda Idol is an annual singing competition open to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade who attend school or reside in Contra Costa County.

This summer and early fall, there are plenty of community events to look forward to. The Bay Area KidFest is the oldest family festival in the Bay Area and has been held over Memorial Day weekend since 1990. This June 19 event will be held at the Contra Costa County Event Park (Antioch, California) from June 17 to 19. The Lafayette Arts, Wine, and Music Festival is one of the largest annual festivals in Contra Costa County. It's a great opportunity to experience local art, wine, and music. No matter what type of festival you're looking for, Contra Costa County has something for everyone. From craft beer tastings to live music performances, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

So come out and explore all that Contra Costa County has to offer!.

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